Ludlow Garage

September 22, 2022 - 08:30 PM EDT
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Ashley W.

The show at this lovely venue was very intimate and sounded wonderful.  As usual, Ms. Haley sounded on top of the world.  I loved the show and the unique venue at The Garage,  Thank you so much for making it to Cincinnati!


Clevelander that made the trip down to Cincinnati for this...  I 100% agree!

Bruce P.

Hello Haley,  I love your music so much, I'm Bruce from Cincinnati, but I've been living in Las Vegas the last 7 years, lm going to try and make a quick visit to Cincinnati to see you sing, I watch your videos everyday, I adore you.

Mary R.

Not sure where I will be when you appear on September 23, when you're in Nashville.  So not sure I can make it.  It is the closest to me, however.  Also, my daughter lives in the Nashville, TN area so maybe.  Too early to tell. I may be your oldest fan.  I enjoyed watching you on American Idol.  Lost you after a while but found you on U-Tube. I always remembered your first name Haley.  I have a friend in Texas and her last name is Reinhart so that helped.  I have the first CD you made from American Idol and that helped too. My husband controls the tv so when I am not interested in what he is watching I go to U-Tube and watch you and Casey and the news clips I might have missed which is a great way to entertain myself.  

Mary R.

Haley, still not sure. My daughter did purchase 3 tickets at The Basement.  Hope I can make it.  I enjoy you on U-Tube.  I cannot understand why you are not played on the radio.  We listen to Mix 98.7 in Jackson, MS.   You should visit radio stations and see if you can get them to play your music.  I promote you on my FB page and on Twitter. I know you have seen my Twitter page.  Go to my FB page sometime. Love your voice.