1. 1
    Deep Water
  2. 2
    Oh Damn
  3. 3
    Lo Fi Soul
  4. 4
    Don't Know How To Love You
  5. 5
    Strange World
  6. 7
    Crack The Code
  7. 8
    Honey, There's The Door
  8. 9
    Lay It Down
  9. 10
    Broken Record
  10. 11
    Some Way Some How
  11. 12
    How Dare You
  12. 13
    Baby Doll
"Lo-Fi Soul" owned by me & my label, Reinhart Records
Eric D.

Anyone wondering about music purchase/ download/ Subscription

 I just purchased yearly subscription.  After payment was able to download zip file of  *.wav files of both Lo-Fi Soul and Roll the Dice. 

In response to post below about Lo-Fi Soul on vinyl.   It was released on white vinyl and was available on Haley's site a few years back.  Nearly impossible to find now,  and everyone who has one is holding onto it.

Hope to see a repress of it on Reinhart records some day :)  So others can experience this incredibly well mastered and pressed album!  Haley's voice is something special... that's for sure. 


Shawn B.

I was going to purchase this album but I can't find what format it is  , I want to purchase it in cd form but I am not sure if that is what this is.

Liam L.

Can I download this album I just purchased or can I only listen to it via this website?

Dennis O.

I would like to buy this as a FLAC, but I can't tell from your website whether what's for sale is a FLAC file, MP3, CD, or vinyl.  Perhaps I'm just imperceptive.  So at the moment I haven't bought it.  Can you tell me how I can get a FLAC recording of this album?  If FLAC isn't available, I suppose I could accept the vile MP3, but I'd rather not.


John M.

This is an amazing album.

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